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I do the best imitation of myself.

Okay, so, not a whole lot of icons here, but here's just a few that I wanted to get out of the way because they're just kinda... here... on my laptop... and they're taking up space. So, I'll share them with you all. :) <3

[7] Coraline
[5] Death Note
[8] Demetri Martin
[7] House M.D.
[14] Kingdom Hearts
[13] Tokio Hotel
[11] Misc. (Alice in Wonderland, FFVII: Crisis Core, Alex Evans, Reborn!, Tales of the Abyss)

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I feel like a quote out of context.Collapse )

I love love. I love being in love.

As promised, I've got some more icons to share. Oh, and a couple headers.
And, surprise! They're mostly Crisis Core icons! Not surprising.

[27] FFVII: Crisis Core
[16] Kingdom Hearts
[10] Ouran High School Host Club
[6] AFI
[4] Death Note

[2] Headers
(1 Crisis Core & 1 Host Club)

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I don't care what it does to me.Collapse )

Kingdom Hearts & Death Note Icons.

I just recently started making icons, so I hope they're at least halfway decent. Eh heh.
My very first icon batch! Woo.

35 icons in all.

[13] Kingdom Hearts (I and II)
- {1} Cloud
- {5} Sora
- {2} Namine
- {2} Riku
- {2} Sora & Riku
- {1} Cheshire Cat

[22] Death Note
- {9} Ken'ichi Matsuyama
- {12} L (from the anime & manga)
- {1} L & Watari (from the live action Death Note movie)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This way to the icons, please.Collapse )

Icon Batch 001

Ah yes! At long last, I've finally compiled a decent icon batch! About time, right?

So, here we are, 45 icons from various fandoms... because I can't concentrate on one thing for more than like... 30 minutes at a time... which is depressing. SO ANYWAY! In this batch you'll find:

[10] Kingdom Hearts (I and II)
[9] Final Fantasy VII
[9] D.Gray-Man
[4] Invader Zim
[3] Final Fantasy XII
[3] Appleseed
[7] Other (Death Note, Chobits, D.N. Angel, and Final Fantasy III)


And Even The Angels Are Losing SleepCollapse )


And here are the resources I've been using. I don't think I was properly keeping track of all of these... so I may have missed a few. If I'm using your creations and I haven't listed your LJ or website here, or if you recognize someone's resources that I haven't properly credited, please please let me know.

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