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♠The Icon Journal of Minako and Pancake♠
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anime, game, and whatever else icons of Asahi_Minako and Sakura_Blossom5
Greetings! You've somehow stumbled upon xsugar_guitarx, the icon/graphics journal of Minako (here_come_dots) and Pancake (so_many_dynamos). Contgratulations! Here you'll find icons and other graphic-ness from various anime, video games, movies, musical artist, stock images, and possibly more (if there is any more). It all depends on our moods and current fancies. Here's to hoping you find something you like! Happy exploring.

There are a few rules we ask that you follow, though:
You. Must. Credit.
Do. Not. Hotlink.
Comments are nice. Not required, but greatly greatly appreciated.

Some Useful Links For You:
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